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The MFAcc at the University of Charleston was an exciting experience that has equipped me with the key ingredients for a successful career. I went in with general accounting knowledge and came out with sharpened analytical, report writing, and presentation skills. Upon graduation, I was able to obtain a new position where I have utilized everything that I have gained from this program. Deciding to pursue the University of Charleston MFAcc is the best educational choice that I have made.

— Cesar Aleman, 2011 MFAcc Graduate 

Cesar Aleman 

As a member of a local CPA firm, I have 28 years of accounting and financial planning experience.  CPA’s are in constant need of expanding their skill sets, and the University of Charleston’s MFAcc is satisfying that need.  Undergraduate programs provide only the basics necessary to function as an accounting professional.  The foundation of forensic accounting is to change the mindset of traditionally educated accountants, to look beyond the numbers and understand the psychology of the criminal.

—Dennis G. Carte II, CPA 

Dennis G. Carte 

As a practicing attorney at a large defense firm, the knowledge and skills I have acquired through the MFAcc program have been invaluable.  Not only have I learned the quantitative skills necessary to analyze numbers, but I have also gained insight into the mind and methodology of the forensic expert witness.

—William D. Marcum, Esq. 

Willam D. Marcum 

I chose to enroll in the MFAcc program, not only because it is a challenging upcoming field for employment, but also because I wanted to understand how fraud can be detected and prevented.  I can’t say enough about this fantastic learning experience.  The instructors have kept me glued to my seat during weekend classes, which is a challenge for a full-time mother, wife, and employee.  The subject matter of this program is truly fascinating!

—Tammie L. Blundon, MS 

Tammie L. Blundon