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Delta Phi Delta

Delta Phi Delta

Fourteen women that didn’t quite fit into the typical sororities of the time founded Delta Phi Delta in 1995. Today, Delta Phi Delta is one of the strongest organizations on the UC campus. 

Delta Phi Delta’s goal as a local sorority is to work to attain and to represent the highest standards in every phase of our college and personal life set forth by our founders. Our main goal is to develop each sister’s mind, body, and soul in a way that we become strong, independent leaders who are prepared to create or improve the precise qualities needed to grow and excel as a person and as a citizen of our country. 

Our emphasis is “preserving the future through the environment and its children.” Providing women of intellect, confidence, service, personality, and individuality is our priority above all others. Additionally, the members of our organization will strive to develop relations among fellow Greek students and administration.  A Delta strives to improve the quality of life by being mature, gracious, and respectful of herself and others. She should be conscious of her personal conduct, attitude, and representation of our sorority’s values. Delta Phi Delta aims to establish equal treatment of all human beings no matter the race, religion, sex, values, creed, handicap, ancestry, age, or sexual orientation.

Delta Phi Delta gets involved in many different ways. We perform community service off and on campus, such as our work with the Susan G. Komen Foundation. In this same way, we also help our Charleston community by beautifying parks, working with children, and helping organizations. We sponsor events and fundraisers in the University of Charleston, such as selling t-shirts for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Irish celebrations, and assisting with the Mr. UC Pageant — events that have become part of tradition at this University. A great number of our members are student athletes and student-leaders, which makes us even more visible on campus.

Mostly, we pride ourselves on the bond that we have as sisters. Delta Phi Delta has made each sister a stronger person, taught us things we would have never learned otherwise, and gave us a group of girls we can count on, for absolutely anything you can imagine.

 Delta Phi Delta Sorority