Top 10 Reasons to Attend SOAR

  • Number 10

    Be an Expert Student Before the First Day of Class. While others are still filling out forms, you’ll be good to go. You can relax, finish decorating your dorm room, grab coffee at the CT (because you’ll already know what and where the CT is!) and be completely ready for class on that first day – no worries.
  • Number 9

    Whitewater Rafting. Experience the wild and wonderful of West Virginia – and have some pretty amazing Instagram pics to show for it! (Whitewater rafting trip available only at SOAR II on July 10)
  • Number 8

    Find Your Space. You can check out our dorm rooms and see how much room there is for your stuff. And if you can coordinate your visit with your roommate, you can decide who will bring what to your new home away from home.
  • Number 7

    Dinner with the President. Don’t worry. This isn’t a stuffy “which fork do I use for this” event, but a casual picnic at the President’s home. The food is always amazing, and you get to meet Drs. Ed and Janet Welch and be welcomed to UC in style. You should register for SOAR II for this event – it happens July 10.
  • Number 6

    Get Tech. Setting up your UC email account and learning how to use UC classroom technology will make your first days of class a lot easier. (And you can easily contact your parents to tell them what a great time you are having, too!)
  • Number 5

    Your parents will feel better. Bring your parents. Not only will they love to see where you are going to be living, but they can meet with our Financial Aid staff to learn more about tuition payments, apply for Parent PLUS loans, and more. (You can meet with Financial Aid too, to work through any questions you have.)
  • Number 4

    Meet advisors, faculty and other important people. They will be part of your support system, your cheerleaders, your teachers and mentors – they will help you be successful here. It’s nice to know who they are right off the bat, and get connected.
  • Number 3

    Athletes won’t miss playtime. When you attend SOAR, you can get your medical eligibility paperwork completed before practice starts.
  • Number 2

    Get set to go. At SOAR you can get your UC gear, make sure your class schedule is complete, meet some friends, learn your way around campus, and avoid those “first day on campus and I don’t know where anything is” nerves.
  • And the Number 1 reason to attend SOAR

    It’s fun. Tie-dying t-shirts. Game playing. And did we mention lots of pizza and ice cream?

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