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Choral Opportunities

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UC Concert Choir

The University of Charleston Concert Choir is comprised of some of the University's finest students who audition for a place in the choir. Formed in 1994, the UC Concert Choir began with only twelve singers. The choir presents several concerts throughout the academic year and tours annually.

The UC Concert Choir has developed a reputation throughout the region as an organization that performs a wide variety of music with attention to stylistic integrity. Participating students earn 1 credit hour.

University Singers

The University Singers were formed to fulfill a need for a small performing group that would be available on short notice. They sing an even wider variety of music than the UC Concert Choir, including vocal jazz and arrangements for Rocapella and the Kings Singers.

Each year the University Singers participate in the WVACDA Collegiate Honor Choir in January and sing at the University of Charleston’s Annual Holiday Gala. All members of the University Singers must also be members of the UC Concert Choir. Participating students earn 1 credit hour.


Learn more about Dr. Joseph Janisch, Conductor of the UC Concert Choir and University Singers.

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