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Integrated Communication

Overview of Program

The Integrated Communication program at the University of Charleston provides students with a foundation in the study of human communication while integrating the major areas of study within the communication field including: public relations, graphic design, marketing, advertising, and event management. Traditional communication programs force students to choose a specific track or concentration such as marketing or public relations. The Integrated Communication curriculum provides students with an education that allows them to study the theoretical principals in the communication field, while applying them in a variety of communication contexts. The program has the flexibility to allow students to customize their education further through seven electives that provide an additional focus area such as education, political science, business, health, etc.

Students in the Integrated Communication Program have

  • opportunity to graduate in 3 years 
  • small class sizes 
  • access to a computer lab furnished with both PC and Apple computers using various software programs 
  • opportunities for two internships in the professional setting and two professional experiences within the University of Charleston 
  • preparation for a variety of career opportunities 
  • preparation for professional work or graduate studies 
  • one-on-one career counseling with program faculty and access to the Center for Career Development 

Admission Requirements

Students must gain general admissions to the University of Charleston. Students are accepted to the Integrated Communication program as first semester freshman.

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2300 MacCorkle Avenue, SE
Charleston, WV 25304
1-800-995-4682 (GO UC) 

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