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Program Description

The Master of Business Administration & Leadership (MBAL) is a sixteen-month program for full-time students who hold a bachelor's degree. Information about the MBAL Scholars Program for undergraduate students or students entering college can be found at


The MBAL program is open to all individuals with a bachelor's degree, and to transferring juniors and seniors who have had at least three years of business study. Undergraduate transfers would fast track into the MBA program.

The MBAL Scholars Program is for selected University of Charleston freshmen studying business.

International Study Practicum

An international study practicum is required in the summer prior to the start of the second year. Typically students will be abroad during the months of June and/or July.

Class Size

Our classes are small, allowing for individual attention and significant access to faculty and staff. Students work in teams on problem-based projects, and also participate in many additional activities around business topics.

Learning Approaches

Learning involves a problem-based approach in the classroom, coupled with experiential education involving unique structured and specialized internships with area businesses, non-profit organizations, and government.

Program Outcomes

At the conclusion of the MBAL course of study, the graduate will demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Adapt and innovate to solve problems, to cope with unforeseen events, and to manage in unpredictable environments;
  2. Communicate effectively in business situations – verbally, in writing, and in a team setting;
  3. Translate ethical values into business practice;
  4. Function in a global setting;
  5. Analyze and think creatively;
  6. Synthesize leading edge concepts and practical experience to lead others and facilitate change; and
  7. Apply a full range of business theories to workplace and community situations.

Contact Information

MBAL Program Coordinator

Dr. David L. Luechauer, Ph.D.
Professor & Cecil I. Walker Chair of Management

Admissions Representative

Jessica Johnson

School of Business
900 Virginia Street, East
Charleston, WV 25301

Dr. Scott Bellamy, MBA
Dean of the School of Business

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