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Honors & Recognitions

Graduate Awards and Recognition 2014

John Young Award

Rebecca Henderson

Senior Special Education Major with the Highest GPA

Whitney Crum
Cody Sears

Senior Elementary Education Major with the Highest GPA

Courtney Lewis
Whitney Crum

Senior Secondary Education Major with the Highest GPA

Sydney Laton

Senior Wellness Education Major with the Highest GPA

Cody Sears

Outstanding Scholar in Psychology

Sarah Thomas

Outstanding Scholar in Communications

Benjamin Gull

Excellence in Leadership in Communications

Danielle Siegrist

Outstanding Student in Research-Biology

Mary Elizabeth Wickline

Outstanding Student in Research-Chemistry

Hajer Mazagri

Outstanding Student in Science

Mary Elizabeth Wickline

Outstanding Scholar in Interior Design

Stine Rypestol

Dean’s List — Undergraduates

Undergraduate Dean's List Criteria

Every student who earns a grade point average (GPA) of 3.50 or higher for a regular schedule of courses consisting of 12 or more credits, with nine credits or more of regular letter grades, i.e. no "P," "I," or "AU," will be recognized on the Dean's List at the end of each semester.

The Dean's List is calculated within one month after the end of each semester. An undergraduate student who is ineligible for inclusion on the Dean's List at the time the list is calculated will not be given Dean's List status retroactively. For example, a student who completes an Incomplete — an "I" grade — after the list is calculated and raises his or her GPA to 3.50 or higher will not receive Dean's List status.

Omissions or errors in calculation will be corrected when detected. Please direct questions to the Registrar at 304-357-4947.

School of Business Jones Division of Business & Leadership

Outstanding Senior Award in Business Administration

Aspen Christine Echelmeier
Austin Tyler Lewis

Outstanding Senior in Accounting

Linh Thuy Pham

Outstanding Senior in Finance

Matthew O’Neil Kelly

Outstanding Senior in Sports Administration

Synita Moyne Gates



School of Health Sciences

Xi Tau Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau, Outstanding Nursing Scholar Award

Christina Hamrick

Outstanding Scholar in BSN Program

Spencer Kissel
Lauren Erickson

Outstanding Student Clinical Practice Award For BSN Nursing Program

Christina Hamrick

Most Improved Student for BSN Program

Taylor Menei

Outstanding Clinical Practitioner in Radiologic Sciences

Sharee Todd

Outstanding Scholar in Radiologic Science

Julie Corey

Outstanding Clinical Practitioner in Athletic Training Award

Jeremy Bowman

Outstanding Scholar in Athletic Training Award

Paige Leaver



School of Pharmacy

Outstanding Student in Health System Pharmacy

Anna K. Wierzbicki

Outstanding Student in Community of Pharmacy

Seth Thomas Hauser



University Awards

Certificates for Graduating Honor Students*

Megan Bauman
William Carney
Darin Cook
Whitney Crum
Basem Dahshan
Renuka Mahatara
Abagael Nicholas
Lisa Pollesch
Austin Lewis
Rebeccah Padberg
Aladdin Tarakji
Andrew Hennis
Raquel Hill-Spranger
Aspen Echelmeier
Paige Leaver
Courtney Lewis
Linh Vu
Christina Whittington
*attained a 3.90 or higher in extensive coursework as an undergraduate student at the University of Charleston