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The new FACE of UC

5-year Vision

The new FACE of UC 

     Vision:  UC is a thriving university of 2,500 innovative
     students pursuing real world learning on a spirited campus.

Fast-track learning 

  • Early graduation – 25% of students who come to UC as freshmen and stay until graduation complete their degrees in fewer than four years, and an additional 10% go into graduate programs without receiving a bachelor’s degree
  • Scholars Programs – accelerated programs for talented, motivated students who know at the outset that they want an MBA, PA or Pharm.D. degree
  • Quality Evidence – 100% passage rate on nursing and radiology licensure exams; excellent placement in medical, dental, PA and pharmacy programs; consistently high results on National Survey of Student Engagement 

Athletic prominence 

  • Sports and fitness center – Build a new home for UC basketball and volleyball, as well as a gathering space for campus events and a center for campus fitness
  • Basketball championships – Be consistent national championship contenders in men’s and women’s basketball
  • Lacrosse – Add a women’s lacrosse team - Triana Field – turf the campus soccer/baseball field to guarantee availability for multiple teams to play and practice

Champion innovation 

  • Infuse innovation throughout the curriculum – require every student to demonstrate innovation skills and thinking
  • PharmUC – Grow and expand UC’s patient care clinic, offering community outreach, medication consultation, and a unique patient-focused learning experience for the pharmacist of the future
  • System redesign – use institutional collaboration and other strategies to improve the function and reduce the cost of delivery of higher education
  • Community engagement – Centralize community outreach (speakers, forums, internships, service
    learning, new programs) under one umbrella

Expand access 

  • Reduce tuition – Make private higher education available to more families by cutting tuition and recalibrating financial aid for full- time freshmen and transfer students
  • Future scholars academy – Introduce a summer academic camp for high school students
  • 2 + 2 programs – Develop simple transfer policies and processes for community college students and international students